Salad you ate for dinner not holding up? Lucky for you, our late night menu can fix that. 

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true west kitchen

True West began as a question at the dinner table.

“What you would do if you could do anything you wanted, so long as it made you happy? Money, success, or fame doesn’t matter. Just happiness.”

We liked the idea of being business owners and running the business however we wanted to. So we worked hard to get out there and make people’s days better, one taco at a time.

Our culinary journey continues at American Bonded, here you will find our version of simple, delicious, house-made bar fare. If you can’t catch our carts at the Union Station Farmers Market or around town, you can always find our food at one of Denver’s greatest bars. Pop in and take a seat, order a drink, and we’ll supply the perfect bites to accompany your experience. Cheers!

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