Rittenhouse Rye, Bottled-in-Bond

    — or —

    Wild Turkey 91 Bourbon Bitters, Sugar & Lemon Peel


    For much of the 19th Century – and a few years prior – the quintessential American drink was a slug of Holland Gin, brandy or good American Whiskey, hit with a few dashes of bitters, a shade of sugar and a splash of water. By 1880, the Golden Age of cocktails was in full swing, and exotic ingredients were all the rage. Yet, the traditional drinkers of the day still wanted the Cocktail they came to know back when the U.S. ended at the Mississippi and Americans ate bears.


    They wanted booze, sugar and bitters on ice. They wanted the Old-Fashioned Cocktail.


    Park Cognac “Carte Blanche VS”

    — or —

    Evan Williams Bourbon, Bottled-in-Bond Mint & Sugar


    The mighty Mint Julep was the first American drink that didn’t originate back in England. It is first recorded in Virginia in 1770 as a rum drink. American whiskey was still a work-in-progress. After the revolution, it became a brandy drink – either French Cognac or Old Peach Brandy, the pride of Southern distillers. In the hands of the great African American bartenders of the South, the Brandy Julep was an elaborate, artistic showpiece. Only after the Civil War did the Julep achieve its classic form: whiskey, sugar and mint almost to the point of excess.


    A proper Mint Julep is more than a drink. It is an occasion.

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    American Bonded is a great place to host special events of all types and sizes

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    Looking for a space to host a friend’s birthday party? Your company’s next happy hour? Or a nonprofit fundraiser? At American Bonded, we have a number of spaces that work for all kinds of private events, from a full bar buy-out to our front patio area which would be reserved for just you and your guests. Or maybe you are looking for something more casual in which case you can come in anytime and commandeer a portion of the bar, while other customers mingle as well. Interested? Please email Jodi at info@americanbonded.com for more details and to reserve your event date on our calendar.

    Minimum beverage spend required for private events and no outside alcohol allowed.


    Featuring the industrial vibe of the downstairs bar, the main floor of American Bonded has a capacity of 150 and can also be rented for private parties. This includes the shuffleboard and front patio area so your guests can choose an indoor/outdoor experience.


    Our shuffleboard and front patio area can also be reserved separately and is designed for smaller, more intimate events. Enjoy the hustle and energy of the downstairs bar, while having your own area to party with your friends and colleagues.


    Overlooking Larimer Street in RiNo, the rooftop patio at American Bonded is the perfect location to people watch and enjoy the magnificent Colorado sunsets. This 1000 square foot 2nd floor patio space holds 80 guests. With a bar conveniently located on the patio, your guests can mix and mingle without having to trudge downstairs for another cocktail.


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